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Brake Repairs & Replacements

Worried About Your Brakes? Get Them Checked With Us

If you need brake repairs and replacements across Swansea, we are the team to call. We will make sure that your brakes are working effectively. Whether you need pad replacements or new discs, our team will have an option for you.

If you are worried about your brakes before a long journey, book your vehicle in with us today. Offering fast turnaround times, we will have you safely back on the road.

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Signs Your Brakes Need Checking

There are some signs that you can look out for if you think that your brakes are starting to wear out. Getting your brakes checked my your local garage is the best way to ensure your continued safety. Look out for:

  • Squealing noises when you press the brake pedal
  • Grinding
  • Pulsating
  • Sponginess
  • Brake pedal becomes soft
  • Your ABS light comes on
  • Very high handbrake
  • Handbrake failing to hold your vehicle
  • Brake fluid is over 2 years old

If you have experienced any of the above, please get in touch with us for full repairs.

Car Mechanic In A Garage Repairs A Bracke
Car Mechanic Repair Brake Pads

Disc & Pad Replacements

If you have concerns over the performance of your brakes, or you just think that a check is overdue, simply get in touch.

If you have an annual interim or full service due, you can book this in, and we will check your brakes at the same time. As well as this, an MOT will also check your brakes, so you could also book that in if it is due.

If you simply wish for us to check over your breaks, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

We will check your brake pads and replace them if we believe it is necessary. We will also check over your brake discs and replace if needed. Supplying the highest-quality pads and discs, means that your vehicle’s brakes will last and offer you the best braking performance

This can all depend on your driving style. If you tend to drive around town a lot and are heavy on the brake pedal, your brakes may wear out quicker than someone who does a lot of motorways or dual carriageway driving, where they don’t use their brakes as often.

Your brake pads will be checked during your annual MOT, so if they do not come up as an advisory or urgent, then you shouldn’t really need to worry. However, if you still have concerns, call us, and we will book you in for a check.

Most manufacturers recommend that you change your brake fluid every 2 years. Brake fluid plays a crucial role in the effectiveness of your brakes. An annual service will cover this element, so you won’t need to action this yourself if your service history is up-to-date.

If your ABS light has illuminated on your dash, this is the vehicle trying to tell you something isn’t quite right. This could be all manner of things, such as low brake fluid, an issue with a sensor or something else.

If this has recently come on, get in touch with us. Using our expert diagnostics equipment, we will be able to pinpoint the problem and offer you a solution.

To make your brake pads last longer there are a few things you can try and do, these include:

  • Lower your speed
  • Avoid heavy braking
  • Don’t overload your car with heavy items
  • Never use two feet on your brake pedal
  • Use high-quality brake pads from reputable manufacturers
  • Maintain safe stopping distances
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Book Your Vehicle In With Us For Brake Repairs & Replacements

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