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Advanced Vehicle Diagnostics: Uncovering Hidden Issues

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Car Diagnostic Checks

Professional ECU Diagnostic Checks

If you have noticed an issue with your vehicle, whether performance, fuel economy or dashboard warning lights, our engine diagnostic checks will be able to pinpoint the area of concern and our experienced mechanics will then investigate further.

This test can highlight potential issues with your car and stop them from becoming a bigger issue in the long-run. This will save you time and money on potentially costly repairs. Getting a diagnostic check could be part of your annual service or as a stand-alone check.

Whatever your needs, get in touch with our team.


What Our Diagnostics Equipment Will Test For

Our diagnostics equipment will check a broad range of engine fault codes and sensors that are located throughout your vehicle. Some of the areas that our engine diagnostics test will check include:

  • Engine management
  • Transmission
  • Ignition coils
  • Exhaust
  • Fuel injectors
  • Oil tank
  • Brakes
  • Lights
  • Tyres
  • And more

The fault codes that display will give us a better understanding of where an issue might be coming from. Our experienced mechanics can then investigate the area and action any repairs needed. This should then clear the fault code, and you can resume using your vehicle like normal, knowing it has a clean bill of health.

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Diagnostic Repairs

After a diagnostics test, we will offer you any repairs needed. Our mechanics are extremely experienced when it comes to mechanical repairs. No matter the fault codes that show, our team will be able to sort these for you, getting you back on the road in no time at all.

An engine diagnostic fault code check is a specially designed test that can detect fault codes submitted by your vehicle’s Electronic Control Unit (ECU).

Your car has several sensors that are connected to the ‘brain’ of your vehicle, these sensors give the car signals if there is an issue. These signals are usually in the form of dashboard warning lights. However, fault codes can be detected if there is a noticeable mechanical issue.

This test can provide a mechanic with the general area a problem is occurring, pointing them in the right direction for investigation and repair.

During the test, we will plug our professional diagnostic software into your car. This will then scan the engine for any fault codes. This technology will highlight any faults that are showing, throughout the entire vehicle, meaning we can highlight potential problems in other areas too.

This test will highlight the area of concern by using unique fault codes. These codes will pinpoint the area in which there is an issue. This test does not diagnose a problem, but simply highlights the area of the vehicle there might be a problem. As mechanics, this point us in the right direction for further investigation.

If you have noticed your engine warning light has illuminated, or any other engine warning light that isn’t something you can fix yourself such as, the ABS light, traction control, airbag or something else.

You can even get a diagnostic check if you are having other issues with performance, fuel economy and more.

If we cannot identify a problem with a vehicle by what you have explained is happening, we may opt for this as a way to detect the issue and find out further information.

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