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Exhaust Repairs

Expert Repairs & Replacements For All Exhausts

Our experienced mechanics have years of experience working on a range of makes and models, so if you require exhaust repairs, a check or general maintenance, we are the garage to call. Based in Swansea, we are ideally situated and offer affordable prices and fast turnaround times.

No matter your exhaust needs, give our team a call today.

Exhaust Repair & Replacements

If you have noticed issues with your exhaust, we offer expert repairs and even replacements if necessary. Using high quality parts and a reputable team of mechanics, we will have your issue sorted in no time at all.

Whether your exhaust has corroded/ rusted, has a hole, or the rubber mounts have deteriorated, we can offer affordable and fast solutions. Using reputable manufacturer parts, you can be sure that your new exhaust system will stand the test of time.

Exhaust Repair
Measurement Of Exhaust Emissions At The Technical Inspection Station. A Car Repairman Applies A Probe To The Exhaust.

Signs Of Exhaust Pipe Problems

Some signs that you can look out for if you think you have an issue with your exhaust can include:

  • Increased engine noise – very noticeable when you accelerate
  • Intermittent popping or hissing sounds – indicate a leaking exhaust
  • Poor fuel economy – using more petrol than usual
  • Reduced power – noticeable lack of power
  • Petrol or fuel smell – fuel smell inside the vehicle
  • Your exhaust hanging down or falling off
  • Visible holes

The exhaust is a key component of any vehicle, it has many benefits and needs to be properly maintained in order to avoid issues. Some of the main advantages of an exhaust include:

  • Noise reduction
  • Increases fuel economy
  • Reduces emission output
  • Increased power

These elements can all suffer without proper exhaust maintenance.

Give is a call! We will inspect your system for you, and we can offer you repairs, whether you simply need a patch to sort the problem, or an exhaust replacement is necessary, we will have a solution for you.

We would recommend that you do not drive with a broken exhaust. Driving around can actually make the issue worse. We would recommend getting your car booked in with us for a repair or replacement.

Your exhaust system should hopefully last you thousands of miles. However, like with everything on a vehicle this can depend on usage amount, area you live in, how you drive, etc. So, it can be really difficult to put a timeframe on how long your exhaust system should last for.

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Book Your Vehicle In For Trusted Exhaust Repairs

For exhaust repairs, maintenance or replacements in Swansea, get in touch with our experienced mechanics today.

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