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Precision Wheel Alignment: Drive with Confidence

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Wheel Alignment

Expert Wheel Alignment Services, Getting You Back On The Road

If you are experiencing issues with your wheels not aligning properly or suspect there is a problem, get in touch. We offer professional wheel aligning for most makes and models. This procedure will align your wheels with other sensors so that they are accurate, giving you the best driving experience.

Our services are extremely accurate and reliable, we use the latest technology to accurately realign your wheels. To book your car in with us, get in touch.

Signs You Need Wheel Alignment

If you have recently done these things to your car:

  • Hit a pothole
  • Hit a kerb
  • Gone over speed bumps rapidly
  • Had a road traffic accident
  • Added height changes or suspension changes

Then you may have misaligned your wheels. You can usually tell if this has happened if:

  • When you drive, your car is pulling one way or another
  • Your steering wheel does not appear straight when your wheels are
  • Tyres are wearing unevenly
  • Unusual vibration through the steering wheel
  • Squealing noises from your tyres

If you have noticed any of the above, please get in touch with us.

Car On Stand With Sensors On Wheels For Wheels Alignment Camber
Car Mechanic Installing Sensor During Suspension Adjustment.

Importance Of Wheel Alignment

Wheel alignment is very important for your vehicle, it can ensure:

  • Even tyre wear
  • Even brake pad and disc wear
  • Avoid unnecessary wear on your suspension
  • Comfort and safety while driving

Wheel alignment is extremely important, so if you think your vehicle has a problem, book in with us today. Our mechanics can offer accurate and quick wheel alignment.

We would recommend getting your wheels at least checked annually, just to make sure that everything is correctly aligned. However, if you have experienced a situation where you think something may have caused your wheels to become misaligned, we recommend getting your vehicle checked straight away.

You can also have your wheels checked during a service, so it might be a great opportunity to get this done at the same time as your full annual service.

Balancing your wheels and aligning them are two very different practices. Wheel balancing looks at the weight distributed between the wheels and the rotation of each wheel, while alignment looks at the road surface and how the wheels are positioned. As well as this, alignment looks at how the wheels

Many things can cause your wheels to misalign, the main ones include:

  • Hitting the kerb or driving over speed bumps
  • Consistently driving over potholes or uneven tarmac
  • Road traffic accident

Handling your vehicle may become difficult if your wheels are misaligned. Difficulty braking and steering can be extremely dangerous in emergency situations or poor weather conditions. Your tyres will wear unevenly, meaning they will not last as long and will need changing more frequently.

Stack Of New Tires In A Car Shop Garage. Tire Installation Service

Trust Our Team For Accurate Wheel Alignment

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