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Measurement Of Exhaust Emissions At The Technical Inspection Station. A Car Repairman Applies A Probe To The Exhaust.

Signs You Need To Visit A Car Garage

Is your vehicle exhibiting signs that you might need to book a trip to a car garage? Whilst it may not be the greatest news, it’s important to keep your vehicle in good condition for your safety. Here are just some things you should look out for that means you should take your vehicle to the professionals.

Weird Noises

Your vehicle shouldn’t be making out-of-the-ordinary sounds. Sure, if it’s older, you may find that it’s a bit louder than it used to be, but it’s always important to get it checked out as this could be an indication of a component fault. Squeaking, rattling, clanging or humming could all be signs that there is a big issue at hand. Squeaking is generally indicative of a problem with the brakes, or it could be something more major like issues with the suspension. It’s always important to visit a car garage if you hear any strange sounds.

Warning Lights

One of the most obvious signs you need to visit a car garage is if your car tells you to. Warning lights are there for a reason and should be taken seriously. Other warning lights mean different things, such as engine faults, power steering issues or even battery problems. If these light up, it’s good to get them looked at by a professional.

warning lights

Service Time

It’s always good to visit a car garage when it’s time for a service. In newer cars, it will indicate when you need a service which is very useful. If not, every year or every 12,000 miles is recommended. This makes sure everything is running smoothly and problems are picked up sooner rather than later.

Handling Issues

You will need to visit a car garage if you come across any problems when driving your vehicle. This could be issues with steering, problems braking or perhaps your vehicle pulls to one side, which could be a problem with wheel alignment. All of this should be looked at as soon as possible, otherwise, you risk your safety on the road, as well as other drivers.

steering wheel

For A Quality Car Garage, Contact Us Today

If your vehicle is experiencing any of the problems above, or if it’s simply time for your annual check, then get in touch with our mechanics. We offer diagnostics services as well as full services and MOTs. If you have any questions, we will be more than happy to assist you.

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