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What To Do If Your Car Fails Its MOT: Next Steps

Regardless of how well-maintained your vehicle is, it can still fail its yearly MOT. Though we understand that this may be depressing, don’t panic.

In this article, we offer professional advice from our team at Easy Fit Automotive on what to do next if your car fails its MOT.

Mot Tests: What Are They?

Knowing why your vehicle failed in the first place is the first step in this process. As such, you need to understand what the exam is to know why you failed it.

A Ministry of Transport (MOT) test is a yearly inspection that verifies that your car satisfies the minimal safety standards and environmental regulations under UK law.

Numerous components of your car, including the brakes, exhaust, lighting, steering, and suspension, are all tested. All cars older than three years old are required by law to get an MOT test.

These tests must be performed by a licenced facility.

Auto Mechanic Using Laptop While Working On Car Diagnostic With His Coworker.

What To Do If Your Car Doesn’t Pass Its Test

Do not worry if your car fails its MOT test. These tests are there to keep you safe in your vehicle. Failing makes you aware of what is wrong with your car, which is the first step towards fixing it.

Get a copy of your test results. Then, when you go to your car garage, you should take this copy with you. With it, a mechanic at the garage will know exactly what went wrong and how to fix your car. That way, your car will meet safety regulations upon retesting.  

We provide a variety of garage services, including MOT testing. All of the required maintenance and repairs to get your car back on the road will be completed by our qualified auto specialists. We’ll offer you a thorough report outlining the necessary repairs along with an estimated cost.

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What Should You Do If You Don’t Agree With The Results Of Your MOT Test?

There is a path ahead if you, or a mechanic you went to for a second option, think your test findings are incorrect. When you fail an MOT test, you have ten working days to obtain a retest. However, in order for the test to be completed, you will need to leave your vehicle at the MOT centre.

Can You Drive Your Car To A Re-Test?

Yes. Just as with standard testing, the only purpose you are allowed to drive a vehicle with an expired MOT is to get it tested.

Car On Stand With Sensors On Wheels For Wheels Alignment Camber

How To Make Your Vehicle Roadworthy For Your Upcoming MOT Test

Your vehicle must be taken to a garage to be properly fixed. A car garage will use the results of your test to guide its way to your vehicle’s primary issues. This makes repairs simple and straightforward. All you need to do is schedule repairs, wait for them to be completed, and then schedule another MOT test.

Measurement Of Exhaust Emissions At The Technical Inspection Station. A Car Repairman Applies A Probe To The Exhaust.

Contact Us For MOT Tests, Re-Tests, & Repairs

For effective, efficient, and competitively priced MOT tests, re-tests, and repairs, contact us. Our team of mechanics is highly qualified, experienced, and eager to get to work on making your car roadworthy once more.

For more information about our services, get in touch with our friendly team today!

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