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What Tyres Are Best For You?

Finding out what tyres are best for you and your vehicle can seem difficult. Whether you are swapping out an old set or figuring out what to get for a brand-new vehicle, you need the right set for your vehicle and the roads it drives on.

In this article, we break down the basics of which tyres you should buy depending on your exact needs.

Weather Tyres

As the name suggests, these tyres specialise in keeping your car on the road even in adverse weather conditions. They are generally split into two types:


These tyres are all-purpose and specialise in handling a variety of weather conditions. If you live in the UK, then they are likely going to be your first choice. They are tailored to mild climates and handle wet roads well while providing a smooth ride in standard conditions.

Keep in mind that they are at their best around temperatures of around 7°c, but struggle when the weather or temperature deviates swerves to more extreme conditions.


Tyres that specialise in cold winter conditions. These work best for vehicles that drive on snowy and iced-over roads. They provide additional traction via special grooves and snipes built into them. This keeps your vehicle on the road and prevents skids and slips, making them potentially life-saving under the right conditions.

If your winters see the temperature regularly dipping below 0°c with snow, sleet, ice, and black ice, these could be the best tyres for you.

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Hazard Tyres

Also known as ‘run-flat’. This is because, as the name suggests, they can continue working for a time, even after a serious puncture.

Hazard Tyres feature special sidewalls that are extra durable. This keeps them functional for up to 50 miles after they have been ruptured. They achieve this with membranes that separate the damaged area of the tyre from the rest of it.

These are the perfect choice for those who travel on dangerous and damaged roads that are some way from the nearest garage.

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The perfect blend of functionality and environmental conscientiousness. These tyres are constructed to offer you as many miles of travel per gallon as possible. They reduce your car’s fuel consumption proportional to the amount you have travelled. This saves you money on the amount of fuel you have to purchase and reduces your greenhouse gas emissions.

A great choice for efficacy and ethics, all in one.

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Motor Sports Tyres

Excellent performance requires equipment with performance to match. High traction with an amazing grip on the road, they are produced by the same companies that supply professional racers, such as F1, World RX, and NASCA. They are unparalleled when it comes to road grip at high speeds with brilliant responsiveness.

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